Anomie at Australian Galleries

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Photograph taken by Sandy Edwards at the completion of installation, direct from boxing training.

Anomie comes from the Greek ‘anomos’ meaning “lawless”. It is defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary as ‘social instability resulting from a breakdown of standards and values; also  :  personal unrest, alienation, and uncertainty that comes from a lack of purpose or ideals’.

I can’t place exactly where in my research I came across this word, but felt that it was a perfect fit for the tone of the work in this exhibition.

The show is comprised of etchings, photogravures, drawings, paintings on panel, ink paintings and mixed media works.

The works were made in five different cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Murwillumbah, San Francisco and Rome.

It opens at Australian Galleries in Sydney on Tuesday the 8th of March and runs until Monday 28th March.


Auditory Visions

keywan-ascension-iii     keywan


Seven contemporary Australian printmakers were asked to contribute works that could be seen and heard. G.W. Bot, Jan Davis, Rona Green, Alexi Keywan, Bruce Latimer, Travis Paterson, and Michael Schlitz each created two prints focussing on an environmental or personal space. Their works depict scenes of quotidian objects under a microscopic lens, exotic locations seen through dreams, and inner worlds rendered visible.

Soundscapes by Jay-Dea Lopez

Curated by Jay-Dea Lopez and Rona Green for Lismore Regional Gallery

To listen to the sound tracks for artworks in Auditory Visions go to:


British School at Rome group exhibition



Venice and Padua


The last weekend in Italy before I fly back home to Australia was spent in Venice, and Padua visiting the Scrovegni Chapel which has been by far my favourite religious building to visit. The ‘tour’ was brief -half of it being briefed about the history in an air locked room prior to entry for conservation purposes-but the intimacy with the work and architecture once entering the chapel was profuse.


Part of the reason to visit Venice was to go to the Biennale. I have to say the beauty of the city completely overshadowed the bulk of the work in the Pavillions I saw at both Giardini and Arsenale.  I realise that this is an unpopular opinion to hold amongst many and I will refrain from a blow by blow account of what bothered me and just qualify it as my own personal account. I am glad to have experienced going there and I did see work from artists that I liked. Some of those were artists I already have an appreciation for and I also discovered some new ones.





Echoes of Mario Sironi



Stella & Marco Ink studies

With the exhibition opening tomorrow night, we have been installing the six artists in residence work for the last two days. I have to say that it has come together incredibly well so far for a group show that is uncurated and represents such a broad interpretation of the individual experience here.

It’s a bitter sweet affair. On the one hand there is a bit of a buzz in the air generated by finally getting to see it all up, discussion around it and studio visits, and on the other it’s a marker for our time here creeping to a close.

Having said that, there are still a couple of weeks left after the opening with things to be done and places to be seen, including a trip to the Venice Biennale.